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SIMPLIFYI Compliance

Make your work day easy with the SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform, a subscription-based online platform that provides you with tools and news to make operational and regulatory compliance easy.

SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform

What if you could have the power of a compliance knowledge base and market intelligence at your fingertips? What if you could access those resources anytime? Now you can. Meet the SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform, Earth Etch's online platform that simplifies all your retail energy operational and regulatory compliance needs. SIMPLIFYI is a comprehensive library of regulatory and operational compliance requirements at your fingertips and it's easily searchable across markets, commodities, and utilities. Schedule a demo today to see it's power and simplicity hands on.

New Features.Enhanced Experience.

SIMPLIFYI has some new tricks up its sleevewith it’s newest version release. Upgraded security and new informational content highlight some of the new features which will help you more efficiently find the operational or regulatory compliance information you need, and view it on your own terms.


Stronger Security

We know how important security is. That's why we are pleased to offer more robust security with a 2-Factor authentication login, enabling Earth Etch to provide protection that better supports your organizational security policies.

** NEW **

Agency Directories

Finding agency information is now streamlined and simpler than ever before! With a few clicks, you can easily search and find Commission and other Agency information by State and commodity. Plus, you can bookmark individual links, or a collection, and come back to them at a later time without hassle.


Global Search

With the SIMPLIFYI Calendar, you won't lose track of important events, such as reporting requirements for electric and gas suppliers, brokers, and aggregators. You can also quickly go directly to more detailed informational guides around the reporting requirements. Or even download the event to your personal calendar.


Filter Search

Enhanced filter search is available. By searching for specific text strings within quotes, you'll be able to find the information you seek more accurately within regulatory compliance guides, Regulations at a Glance, Agency Directories, and audits.

** NEW **

Custom Column Widths

Now, you’re the boss of how you view tabled information within guides, including for export. Easily adjust multiple column widths to suit your personal viewing needs. Modifying the columns is easy to export to a PDF.

Feature Request?
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SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform Features

Never Miss A Date

With the SIMPLIFYI Calendar, you won't lose track of important events such as electric and gas reporting requirements for suppliers, brokers and aggregators or important EDI working group meetings. You can also quickly go directly to more detailed informational guides around the reporting requirements. Or even download the event to your personal calendar.

Knowledge Base

A full library of Earth Etch operational and regulatory compliance reference guides are available at your fingertips. Easily searchable, across markets, commodity and utilities. Search, view, filter and bookmark important regulatory and operational compliance guides in the substantial SIMPLIFYI knowledge base.


Whether you're looking to enter a new market or get a better handle on your existing ones, SIMPLIFYI's comparative analysis tools, will save you countless hours of detailed research. And because SIMPLIFYI gives you easy access to information across all markets, utilities, and commodities, you'll be able to make informed decisions that improve your bottom line.

Market Monitor

For energy suppliers who need to understand how and when market rule changes will impact their business, Market Monitor is for you! Market Monitor provides you with advanced notice of pending changes through detailed reports and alerts, including monthly recorded and archived audio meetings and supporting information for download.


Wherever you see a heart icon It's easy to favorite a specific guide or directory so that you'll always have it at your fingertips the next time you need it. Your saved favorites show up in secondary guide and directory menus as well as in it's own "Bookmarks and Favorites" section for easy editing of them.

Compliance Audits

Earth Etch Compliance Audit Checklists details commission rules, statutes, regulations and/or docket decisions pertaining to operational requirements within the state. they are designed to ensure that employees and agents are informed of and compliant with state regulations. You can access purchased audits within your SIMPLIFYI account. It's self-service compliance made easy.

Search Options

Use the global search bar to search all of SIMPLIFYI's content, including guides, audits, utility information, regulations, calendar items and even your own favorited content and bookmarks. Then, filter search for even more specific results within guides, regulations and comparative data. There are multiple ways to search for the information you are seeking.

Regulations at a Glance

SIMPLIFYI's Dockets at a Glance content identifies key dockets applicable to suppliers and is designed for use by legal and regulatory teams to quickly locate and review docket filings. The Energy Rules at a Glance and Energy Statutes at a Glance provide state-specific administrative rule provisions and statutes of interest to retail energy professionals.

Industry News

Access the latest energy industry compliance news if you subscribe to Earth Etch's MAGNIFYI Energy Headlines newsletter. MAGNIFYI is a subscription-based, weekly newsletter that offers the latest compliance news and insights within the retail energy industry. You can search across headlines, download the newsletter in PDF form, and access newsletter back issues.

Market / Commodity Specific

SIMPLIFYI Compliance Portal has information across all retail markets and commodities but you only need to subscribe to the markets, territories and commodity types that fit your company needs. Whether it be individual states like Pennsylvania and Illinois, or multi-state territories such as PJM and MISO SIMPLIFYI has you covered.


Sometimes you just want soft copies to email, print out or share. With SIMPLIFYI, you can export and print our compliance guides to PDF and export comparative analysis data to Microsoft Excel files. You can even filter content before exporting to get exactly what you need and want.


Each company subscription can have multiple user accounts. No matter if it's your head of regulatory, or customer support specialist, each user can have their own stored favorites, bookmarks, and profile settings.

Built-In Support

SIMPLIFYI has an integrated and searchable knowledge base module and a wiki site for easy built-in support. Easily submit a support ticket, and Earth Earth will get back to you immediately, or browse through all of the support articles to find the information you're looking for.

Mobile Ready

Need information on the go? SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform is mobile-ready and is viewable on tablets and mobile phones. Get access to all of the information you need wherever you are.

Get Back to Answers FAST

The SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform empowers you to bookmark and favorite the data and information relevant to your needs, ensuring fast and effortless access when you need it.


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