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puc & utility guides

self-service compliance made easy

Whether you operate in traditional energy sources or renewables, you can remain compliant, deliver quality service and grow your business. Earth Etch offers many different types of commission and utility guides for you to purchase so that you can easily self-audit each team to ensure compliance.

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guides for all types of compliance

We offer guides and checklists that will help you mitigate risk while delivering quality service to your customers. Below are the guides we offer:

puc compliance guides

compliance audit checklists

Each checklist details commission regulatory obligations within the state. It is designed to ensure that employees and agents are informed and can self-audit the company’s compliance with the rules.

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contract renewal guides

These guides details the requirements for renewing customer contracts as state commission rules vary depending on jurisdiction and type of contract renewal notices that are required.

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key dockets & regulations at-a-glance

These guides identify state statutes, commission rules and key dockets applicable to suppliers and brokers are designed for use by legal and regulatory teams to quickly locate and review regulations or Commission Orders on key issues.

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puc license application guides

These guides provide detailed state commission instructions on the procedures for completing and submitting a license application, which is required before marketing or serving any customers in any particular state.

record retention guides

These guides detail the state commission requirements for retention of customer contract enrollment documents. They detail exactly what documents must be kept, how long these records must be kept as well as the format they must be stored.

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reporting requirements guides

These guides identify regulatory reporting requirements by State Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and U.S. Energy Information Administration ( EIA) so you can stay up-to-date on applicable monthly, quarterly and annual report requirements.

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rescission period guides

These guides identify State Commission-mandated customer contract rescission periods in which eligible customer classes are permitted to rescind their supply contracts without penalty.

utility compliance guides

small commercial definition guides

These guides provide snapshots of each utility’s definition of a small commercial customer within its service territory as a quick reference for your company’s sales and operations teams. They also provide the applicable state commission’s definition as it relates to the state-mandated rescission period. In several jurisdictions, the utility definitions are not the same as the state definition.

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utility enrollment & billing guides

These guides provide essential utility timelines and information for use by Billing, Sales, Customer Care, IT, and Contract Administration personnel to help them understand the unique customer enrollment and billing timelines and processes used by each utility.

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market intelligence guides

These handy guides provide key market information and statistics by utility that your company can use on a daily basis to run and expand your business.

Coming Soon. Check back for more information.

utility customer class size guides

These handy guides provide the commercial customer size definition for each utility in a given state.

Coming Soon. Check back for more information.

utility supplier registration guides

Coming Soon. Check back for more information.

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