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Earth Etch, MarketWISE merge, offer new regulatory and operational compliance tool
SIMPLIFYI online portal, apps provide one-stop shop for retail energy market compliance

Chicago, Illinois – November 17, 2020 – Earth Etch and MarketWISE today announced the merger of their retail energy market compliance practices. The now-combined company offers clients an exciting new online portal that comprehensively meets the rigorous regulatory and operational compliance knowledge needs of retail energy suppliers, brokers, third-party service providers and utilities. Earth Etch’s industry-leading regulatory compliance expertise is now together with MarketWISE’s unparalleled operational compliance insight in SIMPLIFYI, an online portal designed to meet the continually changing compliance demands of retail electricity and natural gas supply professionals.

SIMPLIFYI - Everything Earth Etch... Entirely Online

“Meeting regulatory, training, and operational compliance demands is more than a full-time job. With our merger we’ve brought together the complementary regulatory and operational expertise of Earth Etch and MarketWISE, now available to clients in a one-stop portal designed to meet and simplify the insatiable compliance demands of the retail energy marketplace,” said Madelon Kuchera, regulatory attorney and founder of Earth Etch.

“Our now-combined broad-scale expertise in the retail energy market is the backbone of SIMPLIFYI. We’re proud to offer our newly developed online portal and apps as a comprehensive solution for the incredibly diverse, complicated, and never-ending compliance demands our clients face in the competitive retail energy supply business,” said Tom Dougherty, MarketWISE founder and Earth Etch’s COO. “Our state-of-the-art SIMPLIFYI portal and apps give our clients up-to-date information on multistate regulatory developments, market monitoring and uplift challenges, risk management, new market entry, and training and certification.”

Few organizations in the competitive retail energy supply space offer the combined scope and complementary expertise of MarketWISE and Earth Etch. MarketWISE, now merged with Earth Etch, helps clients manage back-office systems and processes, such as transaction management and billing and payments. Earth Etch helps clients comply with multiple state regulatory oversight bodies, reporting requirements, contractual language, sales and marketing procedures, self-audits and training. Earth Etch also provides response and remediation guidance for suppliers facing potential penalties for non-compliance with the complex web of rules, standards, and training and certification requirements amid the patchwork of different market structures and compliance demands across states and regions.

“This merger positions us to be running full speed to serve all of our clients’ market intelligence and compliance needs into 2021 and beyond,” Kuchera said. “Regulatory, training and operational compliance demands are constantly changing. Keeping up with all the different requirements and changes can easily overwhelm even the most experienced and well-staffed companies. SIMPLIFYI will make regulatory and operations compliance less stressful and more manageable for Earth Etch clients.”

“There are few if any companies in our industry that have created applications where our clients can gain access to an expansive, searchable database of market intelligence and training via a self-serve, always available, cost-effective portal,” Dougherty said. “The SIMPLIFYI portal brings together the regulatory compliance depth of Earth Etch and the operations expertise of MarketWISE in a one-stop, easy-to-use, always-available resource.”

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