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energy consulting

we connect the puzzle for you to mitigate risk

We’ll help you get off the ground to enter new markets and stay out of trouble – so you can avoid serious fines, license suspension or harm to your company’s reputation. Mitigate risk with our expert consulting, online training, operation apps and compliance products. Together, we can guide you every step of the way.

Earth Etch provides critical consulting services when you need them. We know that maneuvering within the energy marketplace is extraordinarily complex. Our services cover the full spectrum of critical regulatory and business challenges our clients face every day. From the time your business applies for licensing and beyond, you can rely on products and services delivered by a team with decades of experience. With our guidance you can make your enrollment and billing processes more efficient, streamline your contract management functions, and ensure your marketing materials are compliant.   We can also submit required paperwork with regulatory bodies and the utilities on your behalf.

delivering comprehensive integrated solutions

Our dedicated team offers practical support during your launch phase and assists throughout the lifecycle of your business. We have extensive experience with obtaining initial commission licenses and utility registrations as well as providing ongoing compliance and business services. We can provide retained or ad-hoc consulting services to meet your business needs. With industry deregulation already well underway in many states, we can help your company explore new market opportunities.

guiding companies on utility tariffs, programs & operations

Earth Etch brings over 20 years of experience in all aspects of customer choice across the country. We can get you certified with the utilities, manage the EDI testing process as well as help interpret and implement operational requirements. We can assist with utility net metering questions, enrollment and billing operational requirements, as well as guide your sales and customer service teams to make your interaction with the utilities and your customers as efficient and painless as possible. Earth Etch has created informational guides that that will not only help shorten your certification process timeline, but also assist your operations and sales teams in meeting their daily responsibilities.

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We connect the puzzle for you

Earth Etch consulting services

marketing compliance

Compliance obligations in this industry directly apply to your company’s marketing activities. Your telemarketing, door-to-door, on-line enrollment website, and direct mail campaigns must all be compliant. With our help, you can create marketing materials across all media that deliver the results you want – without creating regulatory risk.

utility enrollment

Let Earth Etch help you understand the intricacies of each utility’s customer enrollment and billing process requirements. With our assistance and armed with our Utility Enrollment and Billing Guides, your employees will have the information they need to process customer enrollments and issue timely and accurate bill information.

customer care

Earth Etch can ensure your front-line Customer Service and Sales employees have a solid knowledge of state commission rules and utility timelines so they can confidently provide accurate information to your customers. Customer complaints may be inevitable, but we can assist you in setting up procedures to respond to and resolve complaints when they do arise. Your company can leverage this knowledge base to boost satisfaction scores, build loyalty and increase market share.

market intelligence

With constantly changing rules and growing competitive pressures, keeping compliant while staying competitive is a challenge. Let our years of energy experience help remove the guess work and provide you with valuable market insights

frequently asked questions

What type of consulting services does Earth Etch provide?

Earth Etch’s consulting services include working with all departments such as:

  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Utility Enrollment
  • Contract Administration
  • Customer Care
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Billing
  • Risk Management
  • Management

We will work with you to provide each department with all the guidance and assistance they need to ensure your company can grow as planned.

How much do you charge - project basis or hourly or retainer?

Earth Etch can work with you on a project, hourly or retainer-basis, depending on your needs. Contact us for pricing details. We can find a solution that works with your budget.

Do you file state commission license applications on behalf of brokers and suppliers?

Yes, Earth Etch can prepare and file your license application. The length of the process, what you can expect, and our fees are dependent on the jurisdiction in which your company is applying. However, our team has extensive experience managing license applications throughout the U.S. and the world. Since we know the application process and have worked with each of these regulatory bodies, we can make it efficient and orderly for you. Contact us for state commission application information.

Can you assist with getting an order processed with a utility or getting a utility to answer a question?

Yes. Our Earth Etch team has decades of experience working with utilities throughout the U.S. and the world. As a result, we’ve amassed a unique set of resources for getting your questions answered in a timely fashion. Learn more about our team members’ experience.

How familiar are you with the utility side requirements?

As with the state commission licensing process, the requirements, length and cost of utility registration will vary by utility. However, we have extensive experience interfacing with the utilities and are well acquainted with utility specific process requirements. Let us leverage our expertise for you. We can submit the necessary utility paperwork on your behalf and make your interactions with the utilities as smooth and efficient as possible. Contact us for utility registration process information.

client testimonial

Vice President of Marketing
Greater New York Area, Electric & Gas

"…nothing is routine at the state regulatory level, and no one is better suited to navigate the pitfalls and mitigate risk faced by our company in the competitive energy space."

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unravelling energy compliance
Earth Etch helps unravel the complexities of regulatory and utility compliance for energy companies throughout the world.

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