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SIMPLIFYI Compliance

Make your workday easy with the SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform, a subscription-based online platform that provides you with tools and news to make operational and regulatory compliance easy.

MAGNIFYI Energy Headlines

MAGNIFYI is a subscription-based, weekly newsletter that offers the latest in compliance news and insights within the retail energy industry. Includes docket links and market share reports.

Online Training

Earth Etch Training allows companies and individuals to meet ongoing regulatory compliance training needs and requirements. It's affordable and easy to use.

REM Fraud Coalition

Earth Etch is leading an industry-wide initiative to combat fraud that victimizes consumers and harms retail energy entities within the industry.

New Market Entry

Navigating the complexities of entering new energy markets can be daunting. That's where Earth Etch steps in, providing comprehensive solutions for licensing and reporting requirements.

Audits & Guides

Earth Etch market-specific compliance audit checklists and PUC guides help you meet regulatory compliance requirements in a proactive way.

Simplifying Your Path Forward

Earth Etch is a provider of energy compliance products and services that help you meet your operational and regulatory obligations. Earth Etch unravels the complexities of regulatory and operational compliance while untangling the intricacies of new market entry for energy companies throughout the world.

Whether it's our SIMPLIFYI compliance platform, our MAGNIFYI Industry newsletter, our online Training Academy, our Compliance Audit Checklists, or our hands-on consulting, Earth Etch offers a comprehensive scope of services, products & training for energy companies with compliance and new market entry needs.

Earth Etch Products

NEW MAGNIFYI Energy Headlines Subscription Tiers

MAGNIFYI is a subscription-based, weekly newsletter that is meticulously curated by our team of experts. If you become a MAGNIFYI Pro+ subscriber, you can search across headlines and access back issues on the Earth Etch SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform.  DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF MAGNIFYI,or SUBSCRIBE today!

Our Experience

We are lawyers, analysts, project leaders, industry advocates and technical experts. It all starts with Earth Etch President & Founder Madelon Kuchera, a licensed regulatory energy attorney and respected industry expert. Tom Dougherty, Executive Vice President & COO, brings over 30 years of operations and new market entry expertise and leadership. In fact, all Earth Etch team members are seasoned professionals with over 50 years of combined industry experience.

Scope of Services & Products

No other service provider in our field offers the comprehensive scope of services like Earth Etch. Regulatory and operational compliance consulting, plus new market entry services like market intelligence, market monitoring, and licensing help, offer integrated solutions to guide you every step of the way. Earth Etch offers innovative self-service products that distills complicated, but important, information into digestible pieces that you can truly use and understand.

Focus on Relationships

Earth Etch believes in building strong, personal relationships with our clients. We also believe in actively forging, and maintaining, strategic relationships with entities such as state commissions and industry advocates so that we are on top of, and part of, what’s happening in the de-regulated energy space. This directly translates in providing confidence to our clients who have unique industry-specific needs.

Services & Products

Compliance Consulting

Compliance Consulting

Earth Etch consulting services can help you enter new markets and stay compliant while in them. Our consulting services cover the full spectrum of critical regulatory and operational business challenges our clients face every day. We can guide you.

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New Market Entry

Market Intelligence

For energy suppliers who need to understand how and when market rule changes will impact their business, Earth Etch offers Market Intelligence reports with advanced notice of pending changes through detailed reports, alerts, and information for new market entry.

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SIMPLIFYI Compliance Portal

SIMPLIFYI Energy Portal

What if you could have the power of a compliance knowledge base and market intelligence at your fingertips? What if you could access those resources anytime? It’s here! Meet SIMPLIFYI. Everything Earth Etch – Entirely Online. Your total compliance solution.

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Online Training

Online Training

Earth Etch offers online training solutions to help your business meet compliance obligations in a variety of areas for deregulated markets. With our self-guided training materials, you can be more proactive and become more confident that your business is operating in the right way. Our online training includes completion certificates.

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Checklists & Guides

Checklists & Guides

Earth Etch checklists and guides are great for a comprehensive self-audit or a quick lookup. Either way, you can be sure that you are following the correct regulatory and operational rules and guidelines. Our checklists and guides are market specific and can be purchased directly through the Earth Etch online store.

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Licensing Services


Energy broker, supplier and aggregation licensing requirements and on-going compliance obligations can become overwhelming. We can help you through the licensing process which also includes reporting requirements and license renewal. We know the entire process of licensing from start to finish and can get you Powered On with ease.

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Power On

Entering new energy markets and meeting ongoing operational and compliance needs is a process.

Client Testimonial

Director of Regulatory Affairs
Austin Texas, Electric & Gas

“Earth Etch has done a fabulous job creating easy-to-use “DIY” Compliance Training Decks and Compliance Audit Checklists. Truly, training in a box – these documents include everything a regulatory department could need.   My team would not know what to do without them. My personal favorite is the regulatory reporting requirements charts and calendars. Our regulatory team would not know what to do without Earth Etch’s assistance as [client] begins to expand its footprint outside the State of Texas.”

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unravelling energy compliance
Earth Etch unravels the complexities of regulatory and operational compliance while untangling the intricacies of new market entry for energy companies throughout the world.

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