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SIMPLIFYI Annual Electric Broker Subscription for 1 State

SIMPLIFYI Annual Electric Broker Subscription for 1 State


A baseline SIMPLIFYI annual electric broker subscription for 1 state is priced at $375/state. 

Total annual subscription - $375 X 1 X 12 = $4,500

The basic broker subscription includes the following:

  • Broker Reporting Requirement Guide + monthly calendar (Earth Etch will review/file reports)
  • Weekly MAGNIFYI newsletter + access to archived newsletters
  • Browse Guides that include:  
    • Complaint Handling
    • Contract Renewal
    • Eligible Customer Lists & Historical Usage
    • PUC License Application
    • Record Retention
    • Rescission Period
  • Regulations at a Glance that includes:
    • Dockets at a Glance
    • Rules at a Glance 
    • Statutes at a Glance
  • Agency Links that include standardize links to PUCs, ISO/RTOs, FERC and other agency links.
  • Three (3)hours use or lose of consulting services per month.  (Note that the consulting services do not include preparing or renewing a broker application.)
  • Plus free ‘tickler alerts’ regarding PUC electric broker regulatory updates/enforcement actions involving electricity for two selected states.