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MAGNIFYI Pro Energy Headlines Newsletter Subscription

MAGNIFYI Pro Energy Headlines Newsletter Subscription


MAGNIFYI is a subscription-based, weekly newsletter that offers the latest in compliance news and insights within the retail energy industry. Content is meticulously curated by our team of experts. As a subscriber, an email will get delivered every week directly to your inbox with that week's headlines and a link to download the full newsletter which currently comes in PDF form. If you are also a SIMPLIFYI Compliance Platform subscriber, you can search across headlines and access the newsletter including back issues.

Annual subscription renewals are automatically billed at the regular yearly price if you do not cancel your subscription before the renewal date, which is one year from purchase. After a billing, no refunds will be given. For additional questions please contact Earth Etch at support@earthetch.comPlease check your junk mailbox if you do not receive confirmation emails for subscriptions to MAGNIFYI Pro and MAGNIFYI Pro+ .