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Pennsylvanis MET- ED Utility Enrollment Guidelines

Pennsylvanis MET- ED Utility Enrollment Guidelines


This Pennsylvania MET-ED Utility Enrollment Guideline are presented in an easy to read charts that include all information needed to enroll retail electric supply customers. This information not only provides a guide for a supplier’s operations when submitting EDI enrollments to the utility, but also contains information IT staff will need in order to design systems to automate the enrollment process. Making the process automatic will increase the supplier's ability to enroll a larger number of customers at one time.

These charts include detailed information required to enroll customers including days needed to enroll/re-enroll or drop and applicable waiting period.  It also identifies customer classes allowed to rescind, default billing other billing options and change window for bill types as well as time of last EDI sweep and whether any minimum stay requirements.  It also identifies account number digits, whether agency agreement is required and whether offer cycle switches are allowed and so much more!